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19th Century French Glazed Earthenware Jug

  • We came upon a collection of beautiful 19th century earthenware pouring jugs from France, which had come from one home. They date from the 19th century  The marbled glaze is know as jaspe or jaspé de Savoie and has a traditionally creamy yellow ochre interior glaze with an unglazed base.  We have some decorated and others in solid glazed tones of russet in varying sizes (see other listings).  Each piece is individual with it's own patina of age and wear.   They are wonderful as purely decorative but equally good to hold utensils or as flower vases (use an old jam jar or similar to hold the water and flowers as antique pieces will often have worn and grazed glazing internally which sweats when holding water).


    H11cm, W15cm (including handle) (there may be very slight varations on the size of each)


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