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Collection of Hand Thrown Ceramic Vessels by Emma Burrill (individually priced)

PriceFrom £45.00
  • Contemporary ceramicist Emma Burrill creates individually unique vessels with geometric structures, moulding and carving the clay using a selection of specialist tools to create texture. Multiple layers are built piece by piece to create each sculptural form.

    Each work is finished with a restrained glossy white glaze which shows some burn through of minerals and impurities adding depth and interest to the surface. Areas of raised textures are rubbed back to subtly expose bare clay and further enhance the form.

    She only ever creates 1 piece of each design.

    Emma Burrill studied fine art photography at the Royal College of Art. Since graduating she has worked in a variety of disciplines as a photographer, collage artist, garden designer and most recently ceramicist.

    Vessel 37 - H 29cm, W 10cm

    Vessel 73 - H 17cm, W 10cm

    Vessel 74 - H 15cm, W 9cm

    Vessel 65 - H 12cm, W 10cm

    Vessel 8 - H 12cm, W 8cm 

    Vessel 79 - H 10cm, W 9cm

    Vessel 70 - H 9cm, W 8cm

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